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Optimum Body Sports Massage is a business owned by Adele Fowler, MSMA, who is a fully qualified Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist, RockDoc and Gym instructor, located on the outskirts of central Oxford.

I have the best job in the world!

I have the best job in the world! I REALLY do! Why? Because I know that with my skills and expertise, I can make a significant difference to your physical and mental wellbeing, but also give you that edge when you need it.
Who am I?
I’m a level 5 soft tissue therapist, or some people called me a sports massage therapist (it’s fine, I answer to both!). I’m highly qualified and proudly associated with the Sports Massage Association (only level 4 and above can get affiliated with the SMA). I’m…
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Three myths about the dreaded sports massage!

Often people say the funniest things to me when I say do sports massage, or I’m a soft tissue therapist. There is a lot of misconception attached to the therapy I provide and I wanted to try and dispell some of the myths around sports massage.
You need to be sporty to get a sports massage
Simply not true! Yes, there are fantastic benefits for the sporty types, but the benefits don’t just stop there. Sports massage or soft tissue therapy is effective for all - young, old, active and not…
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Could you be gulity of overtraining??

We are getting to the time of year when people perhaps overindulge, and are starting to thinking about a healthy start in the New Year. But what about if you are the opposite? Perhaps you have been training hard throughout the year....and you are fine, right? Well perhaps not! It may surprise you to find that there is a possibility you could be overtraining, not allowing your body to recover and putting yourself at risk of injury.

Firstly you need to think about how often you are...

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Finding yoga again and taking a piece of my own advice for a change!

As a therapist I’m always giving advice to my clients to help them overcome pain/ injury, or to just generally help their wellbeing and to prevent becoming injured. Often I suggest to clients to try yoga, which will help with overall flexibility and strength….. Well, today I took a piece of my own medicine and went along to my first yoga class in over two years!

I have to say, I was getting rather anxious about it, so much so I had a dream last night that I couldn’t find the right...

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STOP! You could get varicose veins!

Foam rolling is really benefical to help soothe aching muscles after training, as it increases blood flow to the area, and is like DIY massage to help relieve tension.

Do you use a foam roller as part of your training regime?

Yes? Are you sure you are using it correctly?

The chances are you are probably not! I'm often shocked at how many people not using a foam roller correctly, or even worse, demonstrated how to use one by a personal trainer incorrectly.

So what is the correct way to...

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Trust me, I am lovely really!

Unfortunately, sports massage is often associated with hard, heavy massage using brutal techniques leaving you in agony and covered in bruises. I too thought this was the 'norm', and paid very good money for what I now know to have been terrible, ineffective massage! Thankfully, times have changed and techniques have changed also. Sports massage is really an outdated description, as it doesn't really adequately define what therapists like me do and also suggests that only sporty types...

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