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Corporate Massage Packages

Optimum Body can help your business save money! Here are some recent facts:

  • Did you know that sick staff cost’s British firms £77 billion annually: Source www.consultancy.co.uk
  • Unhealthy employees now cost British firms six working weeks a year in lost productivity: Source www.vitality.co.uk
  • Did you know that presenteeism is on the rise and more than 40% of employees said their work was being affected by health problems on average: Source www.bbc.co.uk
The biggest reasons in the UK for sick days are:

  • 24.8% minor illnesses (coughs/colds)
  • 22.4% musculoskeletal problems (including back, neck, shoulder)
  • 11.8% mental health (including stress, anxiety, depression)
Soft Tissue Therapy provided at Optimum Body can help over 50% of the biggest reasons taken for sick days but can also remove the potential of presenteeism whilst boosting morale within the workforce and boosting productivity.

It is medically proven that one 60 minute treatment directly boosts the immune system and overall wellbeing. Optimum Body can provide bespoke packages to Companies both in your workplace or at our clinic.

Contact Adele to discuss your needs and to discuss corporate massage package options.

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